• Stop hoping and wishing your way to growth

    Build your brand and business with intention

    Magnetic Brand Strategy - Juliana Spaven
  • Build your brand and business with intention


We create brands that set you apart from others, capture your business mission and vision, and take you where you aim to go.

You’re ready to level up

Your business is growing.
You’ve got the right people,
the right business model, the right offering.
You’re ready to attract the next stage of growth.

But your brand…

Erratic. Underwhelming. Irrelevant.
Your website doesn’t generate the leads you need.
Your brand doesn’t distinguish itself from the competition.
And it doesn’t fit your business today or where you aim to be.

You need a brand strategy that captures your vision,
inspires you and your team, and persuades your prospects.

You need a brand that will drive success.


There’s nothing accidental
about your business.

Your business is your life’s work.
All the worry and all the wins.
You pour over every detail and aspect.
You’re responsible for your employees, to your customers.
You care deeply and you’re intentional about everything you do.

Your branding strategy should be intentional, too.

The best brands in the world don’t get that way by accident.
They are built with intention and sharp strategy.
They are built to grow.

Be Magnetic

Discover strategic insights to attract growth for your business and your brand.

Rebrand and Change Your Business Identity
Brand Strategy and Your Core Values
Be sure to add your brand tagline
The power of a great name
prove it: brand proof points
magnetic messaging

Is your brand strategic? authentic? dynamic? empathic? unapologetic? magnetic?

Intention drives growth

A clear, methodical approach to branding

“I have so much more clarity on what makes my firm different from our competitors and how to communicate that info. I had ideas about our values, approach and services, but they felt disconnected. My experience was phenomenal and I’m so happy with the entire process!”

– Katie Mongelli, CEO, Monarch CPA

Our value add became the cornerstone of our brand

“Magnetic Current’s detailed approach to branding is rooted in in-depth customer feedback. For us, they were able to zero in on the key differentiator that sets us apart and also articulate what our customers truly value about our service. It became the cornerstone for how we talk about our brand.”

– Dan Bommer, CEO, DirectSource360

Magical… Perfect Alignment

“Juliana presented a version of my business that I strive to be. I didn’t realize
that was how I wanted to be seen. The way she captured the essence of my business was almost magical. I now user her rebranding work to appeal to potential customers and it’s brought in new clients who align perfectly with my business.”

– Lisa Nicholls, CEO, Tira! Strategies

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